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Celebrate Your Homeschool Graduation

One of the things that homeschoolers really miss is their graduation. While those who finish in a public school are dancing at their prom, going on a grad trip and walking up the steps to receive their diploma in a silken gown, homeschoolers might have a little family celebration, maybe a dinner out, but nothing much more.

This whole lack of a graduation ceremony can be pretty depressing. After all, finishing school is one of the major moments in a young person's life. It signifies the ending of one era and the beginning of the next. Fortunately, this milestone doesn't have to go by unnoticed. Here are a few ideas for celebrating your homeschool graduation.

Hold a ceremony for your homeschool group. It isn't exactly the same, but having all your fellow homeschoolers there when your parents present you with your diploma is way better than just a pat on the back from your grandfather! You can rent a gown if you like, or make your own to make the event more elaborate.

For a homeschool group celebration, consider making it a bigger event by inviting other homeschool groups from nearby areas. If they have anyone graduating, you can turn it into a proper ceremony. Rent a small space with a stage and have each graduate's parents present their diploma, speeches and a buffet afterwards. Don't forget to take lots of pictures!

Find out if you can join the school. Many public schools are open to allowing homeschoolers participate in their graduation ceremony. You might have to jump through a few hoops, but this is a good way to go if you have friends in the local high school. Graduating with your friends is a great experience and you can even take part in the celebrations after the ceremony.

Consider joining a national homeschool graduation. There are homeschool organizations that arrange for mass graduations. Some are national, others are state-based. You would be graduating mainly with people that you don't know, but the ceremony is very similar to that found in regular schools. There is usually a celebration event afterwards. Look for the Home Educator's Association for your state to find out if they host a state graduation ceremony for homeschoolers.Read more info of dissertation writing services visit this website.

Graduating when you are homeschooled doesn't have to be a depressing event. You have options and there is no reason why you can't enjoy your special day with others. It is all a matter of choosing the best option for you personally.